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  • Don't encourage your child to use a mobile or cordless phone unless absolutely essential
  • Don’t let your child sleep near a cordless phone or wi-fi or mobile phone switched on
  • Don't use your mobile phone in the car with children unless you have an external aerial
  • Don’t keep your mobile phone close to your baby or child – never in the back of the pushchair
  • Don't let your child carry a mobile phone switched on in a pocket.
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  • Encourage short calls and texting rather than calling.
  • Ensure your child's mobile phone is turned off at night and as much as possible when not in use.
  • Keep cordless phone calls short
  • Replace your cordless phone with a wired phone or a low radiation phone
  • Replace your wireless computer router with a non-wireless router (most standard routers are wireless)
  • Replace your digital baby monitor with a wired or analogue baby monitor or a low radiation digital monitor
  • Turn off your mobile phone when children are nearby, especially in the car and at night
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