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Mobile phone headsets (earpieces) and hands-free

The speaker phone mode on a mobile phone gives the least exposure to the vulnerable head area, assuming the phone is kept as far as possible away from the head.

The next best option for significantly reduced exposure of the head area, is an air tube headset. The Air2Hear headset appears to work well and independent testing has shown it cuts out almost all radiation exposure to the head area but is currently only available for Blackberry and iphone models. We have found it to have excellent sound quality and be practical to use. Click here to buy online.

For other phones a wired headset or earpiece is next best. There is difference of opinion on the extent to which it reduces radiation to the head area but our technical advisers have advised us that it probably cuts out a significant proportion of the radiation to the head area. Adding a ferrite bead is said to eliminate radiation travelling along the wire.  Be careful not to wrap the cord around the phone as the radiation will travel from the phone along the wire into the earpiece.

We do not recomment Bluetooth headsets as they emit radiation next to the ear. However, if the choice is between holding the phone to the head and using a Bluetooth, we recommend the latter as it emits much lower levels than a phone. If using one, ensure you switch it off as soon as the call is finished.

It is also important to consider the other parts of the body exposed to the phone during a call. When using any of these devices, keep the phone as far as possible from the internal organs of the body.

In the car, an external aerial with a wired link into the car normally eliminates exposure. Bluetooth connection inside a car exposes all passengers to radiation from both the mobile phone and the bluetooth device though at very low power levels.

Cordless phones

The Orchid low radiation cordless phone is said to emit no radiation while on standby and a lower level of radiation while in use on a call than conventional DECT cordless phones. This could reduce overall exposure levels dramatically.

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Analogue cordless phones are likely to be much safer but are hard to obtain.

Computer internet connection

Some routers have an option to turn off the wireless function. We are informed that Tiscali is one of these.

Many routers do not have a non-wireless option in which case you could get the Tiscali one which we understand is usually provided free of charge. Alternatively, wired internet routers are widely available. Two that have been recommended to us are the Zyxel Prestige P660H-D1 and NETGEAR DG834 but we cannot vouch for them. They are available from outlets such as misco and novatech.

Linkage around the home can be customised using cabling between computers or can be achieved through the electric wiring system using DLan. A DLan unit can be plugged into any socket in the building to make an internet connection. Try the or the Netgear Powerline system.

Offices and schools can use a system of floor boxes into which a laptop can be plugged in.

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Baby listening devices

The safest baby monitor is a fully wired version, linking through the electrical wiring but these are not widely available. Next best is an analogue wireless monitors which uses low frequency radio waves. Digital baby monitors use high frequency pulsed signals, just like mobile phones and wi-fi, and though the power levels are low they are kept close to the child all night so may represent a significant risk.

Digital devices which only emit microwave radiation when transmitting are preferable to the standard digital monitor.

External car aerials


Detection devices

A microwave radiation detection device will enable you to establish the sources of microwave radiation in your home or school. These are available from Sensory Perspectives and EMF Fields and quickly identify sources of radiation which can then be eliminated.

WiredChild offers no confirmation as to the efficacy or quality of any of these products.