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Lloyd Morgan explains this graph as follows:"This graph shows in blue the number of USA cellphone users by year, and in red,  the potential number of cellphone induced brain tumors by year.  This mathematical model assumes that the latency time of a brain tumor is 30-years, and similar to long-term smokers and lung cancer, 10% of long-term cellphone users will be diagnosed with a brain tumor. In 2004 there were about 50,000 brain tumors diagnosed in the USA.  The model predicts approximately 3,600 could be the result of cellphone use.  3,600 cases out of 50,000 is too small to notice.  However, this model expects 1.6 million brain tumors will be diagnosed in 2019. This is a mathematical model.  Its accuracy is easily challenged even by myself.  However, I believe the picture it shows:  a delayed onset following by an enormous increase in brain tumors is accurate."

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