The following Services include consultants who offer advice and help to reduce sources of radiation exposure both within and from outside the home or school. They usually undertake a survey and advise on alternative wiring, shielding and products. This can be easy and time-saving way of reducing your radiation exposure and it can be cost-effective.

WiredChild takes no payments, commissions or other benefits from any consultants.

The WiredChild list of services follows.

Please note that WiredChild has not evaluated the services on our list and can not give any recommendation as to their suitability. Please send us your feedback

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1   Link   Electric Forester
Since 2006 we have been providing detailed electromagnetic surveys to individuals and companies across the UK working at the low levels of exposure now known to affect people who have become Electromagnetically Hypersensitive - EHS.
2   Link   EMF UK
EMF UK carries out detailed home EMF surveys in the North West of England. Please contact them for details.
3   Link   Sensory Perspective
Sensory Perspective produce a range of EMF (i.e. microwave signal) detectors and screening materials.
4   Link   EMF Surveys
Powerwatch's residential EMF surveys consist of a thorough on-site survey using fully calibrated scientific equipment.