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A discussion led by Vicky Fobel from WiredChild, Graham Philips from Powerwatch and Simon Densley from Mast Sanity

Could wireless technologies be harming children in schools?: balancing innovation with health concerns

With scientists, teaching unions and public bodies concerned over the safety of wireless products, there is uncertainty over the health effects.

WiredChild is a charity encouraging a proper examination of the potential health effects.

Symptoms reported include headaches, nausea, rashes and concentration problems as well as longer-term problems.

This discussion will help educators ensure that concerns about health effects are properly reflected in decision-making.

The session will be a presentation and discussion covering the scientific background and practical solutions.

• What weight should be given to concerns about the health effects of wireless technologies?
• What evidence is there for health effects?
• Is there any risk of immediate symptoms amongst staff and pupils?
• How should decisions be made in the face of scientific uncertainty?
• How can health concerns be properly reflected in decision-making
• Can we have our cake and eat it?
• Design of wireless solutions to minimise health effects


Download Wired Child Leaflet here

Download Graham Philips' Lecture Slides here