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City of Lyon a mobile phone before we're 12 no way lets keep them healthy and way from mobile phonesThe French government has announced that it is introducing legislation to ban advertising of mobile phones to children under 14. The French Senate is also pressing for a ban on the use of mobile phones in primary and middle schools.

Over the Christmas period 2008/9, the French city of Lyon ran an advertising campaign to dissuade parents from buying mobile phones for their children:

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French national libraries (BNF) has imposed a moratorium on wi-fi networks in French libraries following a moratorium in Paris libraries after staff reported ill effects.

A town in France (Hérouville-Saint-Clair) is removing wi-fi networks from all its schools before the end of the 2009. "We are going to apply the precautionary principle. Our job is to protect people's health," declared the mayor Rodolphe Thomas in April 2009. The council is also launching a campaign to inform the public about precautions for protection from radiation

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